2nd round of the 17th Olympiad. Kanaker-Zeytun, Avan


The 2nd community stage of the 17th Yerevan Chess Olympiad continues at the Chess Academy of Armenia.

Today, on March 17, 20 teams from Kanaker-Zeytun, Avan districts competed. The  first 3 places were taken by the following schools.

• 3rd place - primary school No. 87

• 2nd place - primary school PhysMath

• 1st place -  educational complex Byurakn 

Group members of the winning team:

• Navoyan Gagik

• Harutyunyan Gor

• Manukyan Davit

• Manukyan Mane

Representative: Manukyan Edgar

The winning team qualified for the 3rd round of the 17th Olympiad.


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