Results of Final Tournament of Armenian Youth Championship 2018


The closing ceremony of the final tournament of Armenian Youth Championship 2018 was held on 22 of April at the Chess Academy of Armenia. 

The total prize fund of the championship was 1 000 000 AMD. All the winners of the tournaments were awarded with medals, diplomas and monetary prizes.

As a result of the tournaments the following players took places:

Boys Under 10
1st place: Pashikyan Rudolf /10 points/
2nd place: Aleqsanyan David /9 points/
3rd place: Agasarov Benik /6 points/

Boys Under 12
1st place: Piliposyan Robert /8.5 points/
2nd place: Ohanyan Emin /8 points/
3rd place: Sahakyan Alex /7 points/

Boys Under 14
1st place: Muradyan Robert /8 points/
2nd place: Gharibyan Mamikon /6.5 points/
3rd place: Manukyan Sevak /5.5 points/

Boys Under 16
1st place: Davtyan Arthur /7 points/
2nd place: Barseghyan Armen /6.5 points/  
3rd place: Shmavonyan Areg /5 points/

Boys Under 18
1st place: Mirzoyan David /8 points/
2nd place: Sargsyan Tigran /8 points/
3rd place: Hoghmrtsyan Arthur /6.5 points/

Girls Under 10
1st place: Mirzoyan Elen /8.5 points/
2nd place: Araqelyan Syuzanna /8 points/
3rd place: Mkrtchyan Anahit /7.5 points/

Girls Under 12
1st place: Badalyan Seda /8 points/ 
2nd place: Gasparyan Milena /8 points/ 
3rd place: Goginyan Tamar /7.5 points/

Girls Under 14
1st place: Yedigaryan Asya /7 points/
2nd place: Mkrtchyan Mariam /7 points/
3rd place: Hakobyan Astghik /6 points/

Girls Under 16
1st place: Hovhannisyan Mane /7 points/ 
2nd place: Khachatryan Mane /7 points/
3rd place: Mkrtchyan Anahit /6.5 points/

Girls Under 18
1st place: Avetisyan Mariam /7 points/
2nd place: Grigoryan Arpine /6.5 points/
3rd place: Adamyan Mane /5.5 points/ 


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