Admission Procedure

The following regulation defines the admission procedures, responsibilities as well as other fundamentals concerning the entrance process.

In Chess Academy of Armenia group chess classes are held 6 days a week – from Monday to Saturday (3 days per week for each group), on a free-of-charge basis.

Specific requirements and procedures:

  • 5 year-old beginners, who will start to learn chess as absolute beginners.
  • 6 year-old children, who already know all the rules.
  • 7 year-old children, who have received their 1st point for the 4th category.
  • 8 year-old children, who have achieved 3rd category.
  • 9 year-old children, who have achieved 2nd category.
  • 10 year-old children, who have achieved 1st category (according to the decision of admitting committee)
  • 11-16 year-old chess players, who have reached the final stage of Armenian Youth Championship (under his/her age group).
  • 17-18 year-old chess players, standing in the top half of the final standings of Armenian Youth Championship (in his/her age group).

The following documents are required for Academy entry:

  • copy of child's birth certificate,
  • 1 photo (3x4cm),
  • chess category certificate (if applicable).

In case of changing the group or transferring to Academy from other sport schools it is necessary to fulfill an application. The decision concerning the admission or transfer process is typically made by the admitting committee according to the application.  

 Approved by the Founder & President of the Chess Academy of Armenia GM Smbat Lputian /October 25, 2016/

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